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Hiroshima Day
06 Aug
02 PM 05 PM

Hiroshima Day

To know about the Historic Event of dropping Atom Bombs on Hiroshima...

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08 Aug
10 AM 04 PM

Quit India Movement Day

To know about the Historic Event in Indian History, when the Quit India Movement was initiated. To know what was the movement and what were its effect..

09 Aug
10 AM 01 PM

Nagasaki Day

To know about the Historic Event of dropping Atom Bombs on Nagasaki. ..

09 Aug
02 PM 05 PM

Adivasi Diwas

To know about the different adivasi tribes of people living in our nation. To know about their cultural heritage and their position in the society...

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POCSO Committee

A 'Protection Of Children from Sexual Offences Committee' has been constituted. The committee consists of representatives from parents, staff and independent members.

Committee Members

Committee Against Sexual Harassment at Work Place

A 'Committee Against Sexual Harassment at Work Place' has been constituted. The committee consists of representatives from management and staff.

Committee Members

School Management Committee

School Management Committee has the power to supervise the activities of school for its smooth functioning with well-equipped infrastructure, smart learning and activities.

Committee Members

Vision Mission


  • We envision the child to adopt learning as a way of living.
  • We envisage the child to imagine, to search, to observe, to experiment and to learn.
  • We foresee the child to be a world citizen who would echo the virtues of acceptance, yearning and sharing.
  • We picture the child to be strong in core and body, to be empathetic, to be flexible, to give and earn respect and to be led by true purpose.
  • We visualize to motivate the child to be a Learner on his / her own and to find and pave ones own path.


  • We will inspire the spirit of enquiry and fearless experimenting among all our stake holders by espousal of every consequence as a share of learning.
  • We will kindle imagination within the child, by accepting possibilities limitless and ignite the valor to venture into the indefinite. 
  • We will encourage the child to lead, rather than lead them into conclusions.
  • We will illustrate to the child, how to pick oneself up after a small fall and to realize that the tumble is the stepping stone for learning. It will be demonstrated how every attempt has not been in vain.
  • We will nurture empathy and lithe in the child through true service to the needful.


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